Himpunan Forwarding Email

blog ni menghimpunkan koleksi2 email yang saya dapat daripada member2. Email forwarding la.. Saja syok2 simpan segala email2 yang saya dapat dalam blog nih.. senang sikit nak cari dan kongsi dengan semua orang.. Kalau anda ada email2 menarik, mai la kongsi dengan saya dengan menghantar di mrzoab@gmail.com.. terima kasih.. ohohoho

For those that have a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and doesn't know how to set the internet/MMS/Email setting, just visit this website >> Sony Ericsson Phone Setting.

In the website, choose the setting that you want to install whether Email/MMS/Internet, give your details and it will automatically send you the settings to your phone. It will ask you to install the settings. Just select YES in your message and you're done!.. :D


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